When is the Best Time to Install a Fence?


If you have been wanting to increase your curb appeal and add security to your property but you just haven’t known when the best time to install a fence is, then this article is for you! 

Best Time to Install a Fence | Winter Fence Installation


Did you know that right now (the winter season) is the best time to install your fence? That’s right, winter months tend to be better for fence installations for multiple reasons. 

#1 – Better For Your Yard

Most trees, shrubs, and plants go dormant in the colder months so your fence installation will not disrupt your plant life and lawn. This is less damaging to your landscape and can give your plants a head start come spring since your new fence will already be installed. This brings us to…

#2 – You’re All Set for Spring to Come! 

If you install your fence during the winter months, then the biggest task is out of the way and you can focus on plants, shrubs, and greenery. You, the kids, and the dogs can all immediately start enjoying the benefits of having a new fenced-in yard when the warm days hit. 

#3 – Have Your Fence Installed Quickly 

Most homeowners think about updating their fence when it’s warm and everyone is outside, therefore it could be a longer wait time when you schedule for a spring or summer fence. If you schedule your new fence installation during the winter months, you will get ahead of the waitlist and have your fence installed quicker!

#4 – No Interruptions

Winter fence installations won’t hinder your fun outdoor activities. If you schedule your new fence installation during the spring and summer, you might have to reschedule pool parties and BBQs to facilitate your fence installation. 



If you opt for a privacy fence, then you will be covered while your plants and shrubs are dormant during winter. You’ll have privacy no matter what season it is! 


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