It’s the new year full of new possibilities and potentially a new home!

If you are a new homeowner in the Edmond, OK area and are wondering what type of fence is best for you, then this article is for you, my friend. 

Or, if you want to revamp your property by adding style and security then this article is also for you! 


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When looking at all the various types of fence options homeowners have, it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming with questions circling your head like: 

 “Which material will last the longest?”

“What style compliments my house the most?”

“Which fence style fits my budget?” 

If you have found yourself asking these questions, you are not alone. So, let’s dive in and see what is the best type of fence for a new homeowner in Edmond, Oklahoma? 

If The Longevity Of Your New Fence Is Your #1 Priority:

If you are looking to have a new fence installed that will last through our Oklahoma wind storms and for years to come then look no further than:

If The Style Of Your New Fence Is Your #1 Priority:

When it comes to adding style to your yard with a new fence installation, you really can’t go wrong with any of our fencing options! It all comes down to your personal taste. Here is our rough recommendation for the following styles:

If The Price Of Your New Fence Is Your #1 Priority:

We are proud to offer high-quality products to our customers in a wide range of pricing. When it comes to getting the most “bang for your buck” with your new fence installation, these are our recommendations:


TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) For all you skimmers out there:

The quickest way to know which fence style is right for your yard is to give our office a call at 405-921-3426.

Our experts will be glad to go over a free estimate with you as well as assist you in your fence design and planning to ensure you get the best fence for your space.

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