What is a Stockade Fence and is a Stockade Fence Right for Your Yard? 


When it comes to choosing the right fence for your property, homeowners have multiple fencing options ranging in affordability and durability. One of the most popular fence types is a Stockade Fence because they are highly customizable, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing. Within the stockade fence family, homeowners have the option of multiple stockade fence styles and finishes to make their fence one of a kind. 


What is a Stockade Fence?

A stockade fence (aka wood fence) is made up of tightly placed wooden boards that may be designed in various ways. Below we explain each style and available finishes to help you decide if a stockade fence is right for you! 

Stockade Fence Styles: 

vertical stockade fence


Vertical Stockade Fence

*A classic wood fence choice 

  • Design: Wooden boards are placed vertically beside one another. 
  • Customize this fence to your liking with a plethora of finishing options. Check out the list below.


horizontal stockade fence


Horizontal Stockade Fence

*Becoming a popular choice among homeowners

  • Design: Wooden boards are stacked horizontally on top of one another.
  • Customize this fence to your liking with a plethora of finishing options. Check out the list below.

Board-on-Board Stockade Fence

Board-on-Board Stockade Fence

* The Ultimate Privacy Fence

  • Design: Wooden boards overlap each other on the same side of the fence to create the ultimate privacy fence that no one can see through. 
  • Customize this fence to your liking with a plethora of finishing options. Check out the list below.



Shadow Box Stockade Fence

Shadow Box Stockade Fence

*Adds interesting depth

  • Wooden boards are placed vertically in an overlapping pattern where every other board attaches to the opposite side of the fence. 
  • Customize this fence to your liking with a plethora of finishing options. Check out the list below.



Each style of stockade fence is considered a privacy fence, meaning it will provide security and solitude around your property for years to come. 

Types of Finishes for Stockade Fences:

Dog Ear Stockade Fence



Dog Ear

    • Dog Ear fences have become increasingly popular as it adds charm and character to your fence. The top of the post is cut on a slant on either side creating an aesthetically pleasing arch. 

Cap and Trim Stockade Fence



Cap and Trim

    • Cap and Trim Fences add a modern and elegant spin to the classic Stockade Fence. This style includes a finishing top, or “cap”, that covers the top of the pickets.

Stockade Doggie Window




Doggie Windows

    • We offer custom Doggie Windows that can be installed in any of our Stockade Fences. These windows give your pup a look at the outside world. They help with noise control and add an interesting design feature to your fence. 


Stockade Fence and Gate




    • Every homeowner has the option of adding a gate or multiple gates to their new fence installation. We have swing gates, double swing gates, cantilever gates, walk-through, and drive-through gates. We can also arch your desired gate(s) for a beautiful finish.

Stained Stockade Fence


Wood Stain

    • Homeowners can choose from a variety of stains to add to their Stockade Fence. Stains are great because they add an extra level of character while protecting your wood fence from the elements. Staining your wood fence can extend the life of your new fence installation. 


Brick Column Stockade Fence


Brick or Stone Columns

    • Adding brick or stone columns to your stockade fence instantly adds style and elegance to your property. This choice also adds an extra layer of durability to your fence. 

Western Red Cedar Stockade Fence


Western Red Cedar

    • We offer Western Red Cedar to our customers in the Edmond & OKC, OK area because it is naturally pest and rot-resistant while being a superior fencing option that adds beauty to your property.  




So, is a Stockade Fence right for you?

Stockade Fences are extremely durable, customizable, and can often be a more economical choice over the popular vinyl fencing. This fencing option is perfect for anyone who wants to add an extra level of security to their property while immensely increasing their curb appeal! 

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