Top Trends in OKC Modern Fence Design and Landscaping


Whether you own a home or commercial property, the fence surrounding that property plays an important role in enhancing both privacy and curb appeal. The fencing industry has undergone tremendous changes over the years, and today, there are countless options to choose from.

Modern fence design is about much more than keeping unwanted visitors out; it’s about creating an outdoor space that reflects your personal style and adds value to your property. Find out more about the top trends in modern fence design and landscaping so that you can incorporate them into your property.

Horizontal Fencing

The epitome of modern fencing is horizontal designs. Horizontal plank fences have become increasingly popular in modern fences because they instantly create a contemporary look. Instead of traditional vertical boards that run from top to bottom, horizontal planks stretch across the perimeter of your yard beautifully.

The result is a sleek, modern fence that adds sophistication and style to your property. By simply taking the traditional fence design and flipping it on its head, you can totally change your yard’s visual appeal.

Plus, you can make that change without compromising the overall security you should expect from a quality fence. Consider spacing your horizontal fencing apart if you want to showcase your stunning landscaping through your fence to passersby. Your fence and yard can work together in truly stunning ways.

Intertwining Wood and Metal

Another great trend worth exploring if you want to bring a modern look to your home is mixing wood and metal components. Now, we’re not talking about a Frankenstein-like random assortment of materials. You can have metal incorporated into wooden fences as accents and frames for a sleek and contemporary design.

Using stunning metal posts or frames to bring a wood fence together creates creatively contrasting points that work together to make a truly unique appearance. This fusion of materials creates a modern yet timeless look that adds character to any outdoor space.

Adding a Natural Touch

The top trends in modern fence design and landscaping use multiple elements to catch the eyes of passersby and create a welcoming space for the property owner. Another trend in modern fence design and landscaping is the incorporation of greenery into fences.

If you strive to bring more nature into your living spaces, add plants and flowers to your yard. Adding greenery brings a unique color and texture to the fence.

One way to add greenery to fences is through vertical gardens. You can create these by attaching small planters or pots to the fence or using trellises for climbing plants. This trend adds visual interest to the yard and maximizes space, providing a creative solution for organizing outdoor areas.

You can also plant flowers around the fence to let them shine through for more curb appeal while using the color of the metal or wood fence to truly pop. For example, at Preferred Fence Solutions, our ornamental iron gates in OKC maximize visibility and durability. This way, you can have a strong barrier without losing the chance to show off the stunning plant life in your yard. Modernize your fence today if you’re ready to bring new curb appeal and security to your home or business.