How Adding a Fence Will Increase Your Homes Value

Woman Admiring New Wood Fence

Does Adding a Fence Increase the Value of Your Edmond and Nichols Hill, OK Home? In most cases, yes, having a fence added to your property can help increase your appraisal value! However, not every single home necessarily needs a new fence installation, a small privacy fence could do the trick.   If you’re thinking […]

How To Choose The Best Trees To Plant Along Your Fence Line

Trees Along a Ranch-Styled Fence Line

How To Choose The Best Trees To Plant Along Your Fence Line There are many benefits to adding trees to your property. They add extra privacy, shade, depth, greenery and can also become a shelter for birds and small animals.  Although there are many benefits to planting trees in your yard, what homeowners need to […]

When is the Best Time to Install a Fence?

Best Time to Install a Fence | Winter Fence Installation

If you have been wanting to increase your curb appeal and add security to your property but you just haven’t known when the best time to install a fence is, then this article is for you!  4 REASONS WHY WINTER IS THE BEST TIME TO INSTALL A FENCE  Did you know that right now (the […]