Spring Plants to Enhance Your Fence Line


Spring is here! And what better way to spruce up your yard than to add beautiful pops of color along your fence line?

Fence with Flowers


Which flowers are best to plant in the Edmond/Oklahoma City area?

Well, let’s dive in.




At Preferred Fence Solutions, we take pride in each and every fence installation we complete. Our clients get the option of choosing from a wide range of high-quality fence materials and many different types of fencing styles. Our stockade fence installations can come with a gorgeous stain or a wood grain that stands out on its own.

However, when homeowners want to add some color to their yard and/or fence, these plants below are a great option to add a pop of color without damaging or taking away the beauty of the fence.

When you want to have seasonal plants and flowers that add value to your yard then consider the following:

5 Flowers & Plants That Will Instantly Enhance Your Fence Line!

(in no particular order)

Silver Falls Dichondra 

#1 Silver Falls Dichondra 

Silver Falls Dichondra is a great option to add some greenery to your yard or fence. This plant serves are a good ground cover to give some color to the foreground of your fence or you can use it spilling out of pots/over your fence for a draping look. 

Plant mid to late spring.



Gaillardia Blanket Flower

#2 Gaillardia Blanket Flower

Oklahoma’s State Wildflower! An excellent garden plant to brighten up your fence line and it’s great for our local environment. This flower can be planted in flower beds in front of your fence to contrast with the stunning wood grain of a stockade fence or to give color to a classic white vinyl fence

Plant four to six weeks before the last expected frost in the spring.




#3 Catmint 

These aromatic Lavender-blue flowers are easy to grow and naturally pest-free! They make a great border to your fence in flower beds along the base. Catmint also attracts butterflies and bees which help our local habitat. 

Plant mid-spring to early fall. 



Diamond Frost Euphorbia

#4 Diamond Frost Euphorbia

Great background plant or as a nice accent potted & placed along your fence. This fine-textured mounding plant weaves nicely between other plants making it a good filler for flower beds and large planters. Hang a flower box over your vinyl fence for a quick enhancement like the picture to the left!  

Plant in autumn or spring. 



Fan Flower

#5 Fan Flower

This fanning bold flower can be a great foreground pop to your fence line landscape. It is wonderful in a hanging flower pot secured to your wood fence or as ground cover as it is a low-growing flower. It also comes in many different colors including white, purple, pink, and yellow. 

Plant in spring after the last frost. 




TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) For all you skimmers out there:

There are a ton of flowers and plants you can choose from to plant along your fence line. Many gorgeous options are native to Oklahoma and are good for our local wildlife.

For more information & a wider list of Oklahoma native plants, check out OK State‘s detailed report of which flowers and plants are best for the area and why.

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