How Adding a Fence Will Increase Your Homes Value


Does Adding a Fence Increase the Value of Your Edmond and Nichols Hill, OK Home?

In most cases, yes, having a fence added to your property can help increase your appraisal value! However, not every single home necessarily needs a new fence installation, a small privacy fence could do the trick.

Woman Admiring New Wood Fence


If you’re thinking about selling your house to upgrade to your dream home, downsize to fit your needs, or simply move locations, then you should act fast! This Spring is going to be a great time to sell your home and you can increase the value of your home with a new fence installation.

Why this Spring is the best time to sell your home:

  1. Your Equity Is Growing at Record Rates
  2. Home Prices Are Increasing and There Are No Signs of It Slowing Down
  3. Mortgage Rates Are Rising
  4. There Is a Low Inventory of Homes for Sale so Your Competition is Low!

Should you add a fence to increase the value of your home?

When a potential homebuyer is considering purchasing a home, they are weighing a multitude of factors.

6' tall Cap and Trim Total Privacy Board on Board


Security, privacy, aesthetics, and outdoor space are among those factors. A new fence is a perfect way to tackle all four in one!


A Stockade Fence is a great privacy fence. If you want a total privacy fence, opt for a board-on-board style fence like the one to the left.


Having a new fence installed could give potential homebuyers peace of mind knowing their new investment is recently upgraded and protected, and they could be willing to pay more because of it.

If the new person(s) moving into your home have children and/or pets, having a sturdy fence already installed is going to make them more inclined towards your listing over a similar listing with no protective fencing. This gives you the advantage!

Privacy Fence for a Small Space

Pro Tip: You Don’t Have to Install a Full Perimeter Fence to Increase Your Home’s Value

A small fence might increase the value of your home if it helps to cover or hide those “sore spots”.  Aesthetics go a long way for appraisals and definitely for potential homebuyers who want to see a “move-in ready” home.

If you have exterior plumbing, ac units, etc. that aren’t neatly hidden, consider enclosing those areas with a small wooden fence or vinyl fence. Like this recent fence project in Edmond, OK:



TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) For all you skimmers out there:

Adding a fence can improve the value of your home and make it more desirable to potential homebuyers. Consult with us to see if adding a new fence is right for your home. We would be happy to go over your options and provide you with a free estimate. Call today at 405-921-3426.

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