Components of a Wooden Fence Explained by OKC’s Fence Experts


Fence Panels, Fence Posts, Fence Brackets -- What Does It All Mean?

If you’re in the market for a new wooden fence and you start to hear all the fencing industry jargon. It can get a little confusing with all these names and phrases being thrown around so if you’re not sure what it all means, then this fence blog post is for you! 

In OKC? Don’t Worry:

When you hire Preferred Fence Solutions for a fence installation, we take the time to educate our customers on what they are getting and break down all the components. After each installation, we like to walk the customer around the yard, looking at the fence to determine if they have any questions or concerns so when we’re gone we know that they are 100% happy with us.


Checking quality of a wood fence in OKC

What Are the Components of a Wooden Fence?

The best way to break down the components of a wooden fence is to look at a diagram (see diagram below). 

Some of the components are self explanatory but some are a little more hard to pinpoint.

On top of that, each fence is unique and there are decorative options homeowners can choose from to really make their fence stand out. Below we will showcase the main components of a wooden fence and some wooden fences styles. Edmond, OK, North OKC, and the surrounding areas have the benefit of being in close proximity to Preferred Fence Solutions, a honest fencing company that will help you every step of the way! 

fence components labeled on an OKC Fence

Enhance Your Stockade Wood Fence With Decorative Toppers and/or Incorporating Protective Measures

Decorative Toppers are Styles Like:

  • Cap & Trim (sometimes referred to Cap Board)
  • Dog Ear

Protective Measures:

  • Concrete Mow Stip
  • Kickboard 
fence components labeled on an Edmond fence

Breaking Down Cap and Trim, Kick Boards &

Concrete Mow Strips

Cap and Trim (sometimes referred to as Cap Board). We use a wider trim board instead of a smaller trim board and this makes your fence look more like a picture frame. This “cleans” up the fence by making it look neater and appealing to the eye. If you want to take your wood fence to the next level, then opt for Cap & Trim! 

We can also add a Kick Board on the bottom to make the bottom of your fence framed in along with the top. Also, the kick board keeps the weed-eater from getting the bottom of your picket which can eat away at your fence. Having a kick board helps keep your fence protected. 


Similar to a Kick Board, is our Concrete Mow Strip. To the right you’ll see a recent fence project we did in Edmond, OK where we installed an Ameristar Ornamental Iron fence with a concrete mow strip. This is also a great option for pet owners because it helps from your dogs digging under the fence. 

5' tall ameristar majestic ornamental iron fence w: concrete mow strip at edmond pool
5' Tall Ameristar Majestic Ornamental Iron Fence with Concrete Mow Strip
Stained Western Red Cedar with Cap and Trim with a 1x6 Kickboard in Edmond
Stained Western Red Cedar Fence in Edmond with Cap and Trim with a 1x6 Kickboard
Stained Western Red Cedar Wood Fence Fence with Cap and Trim in Edmond
Stained Western Red Cedar Wood Fence Fence with Cap and Trim

TL;DR (too long; didn't read)

Whether you choose PFS to install your wooden fence or another company, use the diagrams shown in this blog post to educate on all the components of a fence. 

Give us a call today for a free quote on your wood fence installation at 405-921-3426.

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