Cantilever Gate vs. Swing Gate

Ameristar Ornamental Iron Cantilever Gate with Decorative Spears

Cantilever Gate System vs. Swing Gate — Which Is Better? If you’re in the market for a new fence and gate duo but trying to decide which gate system is going to be best for your space then this fence blog post is for you!  Both Cantilever and Swing Gates are great options for Edmond, […]

What is a FenceTrac Fence?

Standard FenceTrac Option with Vertical Red Cedar Planks for Privacy

What is a FenceTrac Fence? Having Preferred Fence Solutions install a gorgeous FenceTrac Fence to surround your Edmond, OK or Nichols Hills, OK yard is a fantastic solution for homeowners. This style of fence is perfect for those who want to add privacy and style to their property but are looking for a fence with […]

The 3 Best Fences for Dogs in 2022

dogs looking over wood fence

What is the best type of fence to keep dogs comfy and safe? The best type of fence for your dog(s) largely depends on the dogs size and if they are a jumper or a digger. We know how important keeping your pup safe is; that’s why we are here to help! We have installed […]

Types of Fence and Gate Repair Services

No Matter the Size of Your Fence Repair in Edmond or OKC, We Can Help! There are a number of reasons why you might need a fence repair or gate repair. Whether you have a chain-link fence, wooden fence, vinyl fence, or ornamental iron fence, it is likely it will need repair eventually. Harsh weather […]

Ameristar Ornamental Iron Additions Explained

Ameristar Ornamental Iron Double Swing Gate with Custom Lettering, Scrolls & Double-Ring Adornments

Looking for the perfect details to set your ornamental iron fence apart but not sure what all the industry jargon means? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we dive into all the various types of Ameristar Ornamental Iron Fence details you can have added and customized, in addition to the handful of […]

Spring Plants to Enhance Your Fence Line


Spring is here! And what better way to spruce up your yard than to add beautiful pops of color along your fence line?     Which flowers are best to plant in the Edmond/Oklahoma City area? Well, let’s dive in.       At Preferred Fence Solutions, we take pride in each and every fence […]

How Adding a Fence Will Increase Your Homes Value

Woman Admiring New Wood Fence

Does Adding a Fence Increase the Value of Your Edmond and Nichols Hill, OK Home? In most cases, yes, having a fence added to your property can help increase your appraisal value! However, not every single home necessarily needs a new fence installation, a small privacy fence could do the trick.   If you’re thinking […]

How To Choose The Best Trees To Plant Along Your Fence Line

Trees Along a Ranch-Styled Fence Line

How To Choose The Best Trees To Plant Along Your Fence Line There are many benefits to adding trees to your property. They add extra privacy, shade, depth, greenery and can also become a shelter for birds and small animals.  Although there are many benefits to planting trees in your yard, what homeowners need to […]

What is the Best Type of Fence for a New Homeowner in Edmond, Oklahoma?

Young Couple Moving into New Home | New Homeowners

It’s the new year full of new possibilities and potentially a new home! If you are a new homeowner in the Edmond, OK area and are wondering what type of fence is best for you, then this article is for you, my friend.  Or, if you want to revamp your property by adding style and […]

When is the Best Time to Install a Fence?

Best Time to Install a Fence | Winter Fence Installation

If you have been wanting to increase your curb appeal and add security to your property but you just haven’t known when the best time to install a fence is, then this article is for you!  4 REASONS WHY WINTER IS THE BEST TIME TO INSTALL A FENCE  Did you know that right now (the […]