5 Tips to Prepare Your Wood Fence for Winter


Wood Fence in Winter

Did you know that fall is the best time to prepare your fence for winter?

Many people don’t realize that their fences need some “tuning” up before the snow falls, but completing these simple yet effective tips before winter comes can ensure your fence withstands our harsh Oklahoma winters. Plus, these tips will help extend the lifetime of your fence.

Let’s dive in!

  1. Address any weak spots. This includes looking for protruding nails, split or damaged pickets, and fixing accordingly to ensure it holds up throughout the winter season.

  2. Give your fence a good cleaning! Remove dirt and other debris that has made its way to your fence over the past year. This will allow proper airflow which will minimize mold and mildew growth.

  3. Waterproof! It’s no surprise that Stockade Fences are made from wood. Even though we use high-quality wood, like Western Red Cedar, it still isn’t naturally waterproof. Adding a waterproof or water-resistant shield to your fence before snowfall can help prevent rain, snow, and moisture from soaking into the wood and potentially causing damage.

  4. Clear the way. We recommend removing any low-hanging or weak branches along your fence line. When high winds roll through town or blankets of snow cover the ground, these weak branches are likely to snap and crash down on your gorgeous wood fence.

  5. Maintenance. If the snowfall becomes really dense, it might be a good idea to brush off some of that weight from your fence. Take a broom and avoid using a shovel or rake because it could scratch your wood underneath.

All-in-all, wood fences are pretty tough. If you find there isn’t enough time to tackle these steps before the snow comes, there are plenty of tips on how to revive your fence in the Spring that we will be sharing with you. If you have to choose one from this list, we recommend #4 because a weak branch could cause the most danger.

Is there another preventative or maintenance tip you always tackle around this time to ensure your wood fence withstands the winter? Let us know!

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